Acorn Garden

Welcome to the Acorn Garden at Water Oaks Farm. Okay – admittedly, it is not much to look at. It has heavy clay soils. No organic matter. Weeds galore and little in the way of direct sunlight, but I have some big plans in store for that little plot of land. About two weeks ago […]

Avian Invaders

Well, spring is in full effect here on the farm… and the poultry are feeling RANDY! Last Sunday we picked our first baby chicks ever and are absolutely in love! They are so fluffy, and adorable but messy little things. Having to change their food and water twice a day, change their bedding every day […]

Organic Growers School and New Chicks

This past weekend Lisa and I attended the Organic Growers School in Asheville, NC.  We took the poultry track and attended classes on body types for breeding, poultry nutrition, poultry health, poultry genetics, charcuterie (not necessarily poultry related but really cool). Much was learned on all fronts and while we came away with a lot more to […]