Our friend Jennifer called me earlier in the week. It seems that her golden Polish chicken actually turned out to be a rooster instead of a hen. Since she lives inside of the Carrboro city limits and roosters are forbidden. So she had to find something to do with him.   Since we lost our […]

The Introduction

Today we introduced our ‘tween’ chicks to the adult English today. So far so good. The English came into the coop about 7 this evening. There was a little scuffle in the yard, but nothing big. (Starting to think that ‘Julep’ is a Roo based on Harold’s reaction to her). Anyways. I closed everyone up […]

New Webcam!

Water Oaks Farm has moved into the 20th century, hooked up a webcam, pointed it at our new baby chicks and ingeniously named it Chick Cam. Now the world can watch some adorable Olde English Game chicks grow up…and poop a lot (you take the good with the bad). They hatched on Sunday May 15, […]

Triplets Arrive Today!

Twenty-one days, exactly, and we have triplets! Beatrice went broody three weeks ago and we are absolutely stunned and amazed that we have three baby chicks today. This is our first foray into rearing baby chicks. As you probably know, we raised baby chicks this year (for the first time) but purchased day-old chicks from […]