More Winter Charcuterie

So since the bacon was going so well it was tight to try some new things.

So when I got my pork bellies I also got some back fat and shoulder to make some Spanish style chorizo. Since I don’t yet have a meat grinder I decided to use some of the back fat to make prosciutto bianco, or Lardo. Basically it’s just fat that is cured with salt sugar and lots of herbs and aromatics. Is cured a pretty long time and then dried so the texture is a bit meatier. I’m still in the curing phase but it’s getting nice and firm and I’m looking forward to drying and tasting.


I also lucked into a nice meaty pork jowl so, obviously, Guanciale was on the menu. Guanciale is often called “roman bacon” it’s a cured, dried, but not smoked meat made from pork jowels. Usually a lot of herbs and spices are used. Like the Lardo it cures and dries for much longer than bacon so it’s still in process.


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