Well, We officially close on Friday and have our final walk through on Thursday after work. We have already picked out and bought new paint for the kitchen, living room and bedroom. We have boxes at the new house, at the current MadAv house and boxes in a PODS. We have movers coming next Tuesday to remove the rest of the contents from the old to the new house. The utilities are being changed over and for some reason our mail has already stopped… hope we are not missing anything important in there.

The plan is to paint (correction… is for Eric to paint) Friday and Saturday and I will do some unpacking and then move the rest by Tuesday.

Next up after the painting… contact painters to get busy on the outside of the house and fix the barn roofs (both chicken coop and donkey barn) so that we can bring our chickens, ducks and DONKEYS home. Shooting for ASAP on ducks and chickens, courtesy of the NC State Fair and donkeys mid-November. Water Oaks Farm will be well underway!

Anyone wanting to work on painting and barn rood repair in exchange for Pizza and beer, please let us know! Love to all who read this


A Visit with the Herd

Well, Saturday (10-9-10) Karen and Uncle Ken came for lunch (miniature burgers) and to visit the donkeys. It was a beautiful drive up… the leaves are just beginning to change. Our little herd is starting to recognize us more and more and when we approach the gate they are the first to come running up and greet us. 🙂

My how baby Estelle has grown. She is a deep reddish brown and is rockin’ and tremendously fun afro. We are assuming that her natural locks will grow over time, but right now she is a big lovey-dovey fluff ball.  She is definitely getting bigger but still a bit unsure on the legs so she keeps a nice wide stance (see photos) which is adorable! she has zebra striped legs and ears which are becoming more pronounced the older she gets. She was born on september 4 so she is just a hair over 2 months old, now.

As for Rucio, what can you say other than the is just the coolest. He has donkey hugs for everyone and is so sweet. There are not enough words to describe just how cool he is. Ya’ll will just have to meet him. Marty (one of the owners of the farm) said that we should order saddle packs for Rucio so that he can carry all of eric’s stuff when the two of them go fishing. How awesome is that!?! Our boy is getting ready to turn 1 on October 14, so Happy Birthday, buddy.

And then there is Mary Louise. Saturday was a very bitter sweet day for me. As some of you know I named the two girls after my grandmothers. Saturday, sadly, I lost my grandmother Mary Louise at the ripe old age of 99. My Mary Louise is just like my grandmother though, sweet to the ends of the earth, gentle, loving, and a bit of a social butterfly. (Hmmm… I wonder if she can cook like my grandmother? Cannot be any worse than my attempts!)

A very special herd mate is named Gale Storm and she is a spotted donkey. She has gray and white splotches everywhere. She has been sweet from the beginning and just keeps getting sweeter. She is a valuable donkey in that she is SO spotted but DANG, is she cute! You just never know… we may have another donkey joining the heard if she does not sell anytime in the near future.

You can see their full descriptions on the Elevenses website.

Miniature Day at MadAv

Morning all. We are down to SIX days until we close on Water Oaks Farm. So much has been going on… but this morning started with tiny pieces of bacon… silver dollar pancakes… and, well regular sized coffee cups, but if I had tea cups, they would be used! Lunch: Our friends Karen and Ken (AKA Uncle Ken) are coming out for sliders… and then…. FIELD TRIP TO SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL/ HANDSOME DONKEYS!!! Get it… everything is miniature today! Because we are going to see the miniature donkeys… Oh, never mind!

Yes, we are taking Karen and Uncle Ken out to visit the donkeys. We had Ken in tow when we went out to put our deposit down on Rucio and Mary Louise and we were fortunate enough to witness Contessa give birth to Estelle, so since then I have jokingly been calling him Uncle Ken. It is gonna be a great day!

First – let’s back up!

Last time we visited, Estelle was about a month old, fluffy, sassy, full of herself and testing her mother. She was so soft and sweet. Her mother was keeping close tabs on her since she was still in a herd of about 15 donkeys, but like any growing girl, she thoroughly enjoyed testing the limits of what she could get away with. She would just prance around and was a sassy as could be!

Mary Louise was so sweet and so loving. The trip before that she had just been weaned and was just plain bent out of sorts. For six months you get delicious milk, then you are cut off and all you get is grass from that point on. Cannot say that I blame her a bit. But last time she had been on ‘the green stuff’ for about a month and was so happy. She would let me ‘lead’ her with just my hand and wanted to snuggle.(Imagine me blubbering…) “I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!….

And then there was Rucio. What a damn awesome donkey! From the minute that we went out to the pasture, Rucio and Eric bonded. Eric did not pick Rucio, Rucio picked Eric and I have no doubt they will be inseparable at Water Oaks Farm. I could spend hours blogging about my boy and his donkey, but that is for him to do, but rest assured there are few things cuter than seeing Eric sitting in a field, with his donkey’s head resting on is shoulder.

This is all just catch-up, I will likely let you know how the visit went and post some pictures later today or tomorrow.

Until then… Cheers!

The Beginning of Water Oaks Farm

Nine days until we close on Water Oaks Farm! “How did you end up with a farm?” you might ask… Well, it all happened one day while we were being nosy neighbors. There was an open house down the road and we wanted to see the inside so we decided to pop in and check it out. We hit it off with the realtor, Judy, and told her that we were thinking of moving but that we had some pretty strict requirements.

  1. At least 1,500 square foot house
  2. A guest house
  3. Acreage
  4. A stocked fish pond
  5. No home owners association
  6. Close to work
  7. We have to be able to AFFORD it!!!

So, we met Judy on Sunday and on that Tuesday received photos and information on the soon to be Water Oaks Farm. It was perfect. Absolutely PERFECT! We rushed out to see it and it was love at first sight! Keep in mind, with our list of demands, we planned on moving in a year or two if we were lucky, not a matter of months! It is CRAZY!

But we were… youngish… and in love and it is our dream so we signed on the dotted line and as I type this we are 9 days away from closing. As soon as we can get the barn roof repaired, then we will welcome our miniature donkeys, Mary Louise and Rucio, 7 and 9 months respectively. On our last visit to the Elevenses Llama & Miniature Donkey Farm, Contessa gave birth to Estelle and we were there to witness the whole thing! It was amazing. And after that, we just HAD to have her.  Since miniature donkeys are not weaned until they are 6 months, Estelle will not be joining our merry herd until March, so we will just have to visit in the meantime.

The NC State Fair is ramping up to open on October 14! YIPPEE!!! Our plan is to buy some chickens (layers) and ducks (pets) at the Fair. I would like to get some (delicious) Muscovy ducks but Eric is reluctant. He would rather have pretty ducks. Hasn’t he heard of ‘the ugly duckling’? No matter… I will be happy to wake up every morning and look out over my pond, feed my chickens and love on my donkeys! Photos to come soon! Bye-